Accommodation - Restaurant Dalmacija, Trilj

As part of the Restaurant Dalmacija we have 13 fully equipped rooms and apartments which all of them have TVs, separate toilet with shower, mini bar, air conditioning and access to Wi-Fi internet.

The rooms and apartments - Dalmatia

The rooms and apartments - Dalmatia ***

Rooms and apartments are comfortably furnished and provide all conditions for a pleasant stay in the atmosphere of beautiful nature and a clean environment.

The accommodation is situated within the restaurant, near center of Trilj city.

City of Trilj

City of Trilj

Trilj is located in the southeast of Sinj field in the bottom of the mountain KameŇ°nica, by the river of Cetina.
In the southwest it is separated from the sea by the mountain of Mosor which is only fifteen kilometers skyline .
Trilj has a sub-Mediterranean climate. It has always been an important traffic hub and the most important bridge crossing over the Cetina region.
The city and its surroundings are rich in natural beauty.

What customers say about us?

Marko L. (Zagreb, Croatia):

On our returning to Zagreb caught us by the night in Trilj, so we decided to spend the night here. We noticed Restaurant Dalmatia and decide to have dinner and spend the night there, and we were not wrong. :-) In fact, we were totally surprised, first of all the kindness and courtesy of the hosts, but and accommodation and its equipment, as we expected just a room with two beds. The long story short, I highly recommend to anyone who is close to visit you.

Ljiljana S. (Sarajevo, BiH):

All the best for restaurant Dalmacija! I am writing to you from the car (traveling) to send information about you to my friends who often pass close to you that must go and visit you! Surely we'll see you again and again and again ... :-) Best regards from Sarajevo!

Domagoj R. (Vienna, Austria):

I want to thank everyone in the restaurant Dalmacija for the beautiful service! I was on a business trip in Trilj and a friend of mine recommended me your services. Nature is great, beautiful little town! I highly recommend you to everyone.