The word or two about the restaurant...

We offer a wide selection of food and beverages.
We organize any type of social gathering.
We are the proudest at our organization of the weddings, which with high compliments we organize for many years!

Restaurant Dalmacija


Restaurant Dalmacija has a highly developed style of interior and exterior of the building which is in the service of the guests and their pleasant stay.

Next to the restaurant there are two private parking lots with a total of 30 parking spaces and landscaped driveway.

Inside of the restaurant DALMACIJA, we can accommodate 420 people at a time, and the restaurant is suitable for organizing larger celebrations such as Weddings, sacrament of Confirmation and various other gatherings. Restaurant is suitably conditioned.

We offer:

With the standard offer, at the restaurant is especially cherished the traditional Dalmatian cuisine, with the preparation in an original way (baking, rotisserie, grill).

If you want to show your guests the magic of Dalmatian cuisine, come and taste the superb meals and exquisite cuisine from a grill. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the quantity and quality of prepared meals.

Dalmatian smoked ham, famous cheese form Pag, risotto with cuttlefish, veal risotto, Dalmatian stew Roast lamb, Roasted suckling pig, Dalmatian koŇ°tradina, Frogs (fried, with the ham, at stew), Cetina trout, cakes and desserts.